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Our Bullet Tipping Die has been a work in progress since the summer of 2005.  It began when I was looking at meplat trimmers. Meplat trimmers uniform a bullet’s Ballistic Coefficient (BC), however, they also reduce the Ballistic Coefficient (BC) of the bullet.  My goal was to uniform the bullet and increase the Ballistic Coefficient (BC).
With a little investigation I found that there was already a tool on the market that did just that. It was the LT-1-SC Tip Closing Die from Corbin Bullet Swaging that they have been selling since 1975, with instructions on how to close up the point of an open tip match bullet. After contacting Dave from Corbin, he sent me some dies for testing. Due to some very promising ballistic increases, I knew the key to a bullet tipping die was in the shape of the punch used to tip the bullet. Our tipping die punches have special proprietary shapes that give you the most tip closure and blend into the main ogive with the least amount of pressure, so it doesn’t distort the bullet.

The trick to designing the Bullet Tipping Die was developing methods and tooling to form the shape in the tipping punch. Hundreds of hours were spent developing special tool cutting jigs and fixtures to form the cutting tools used to cut the special proprietary shapes in the bullet tipping punches.  With these tools and methods, we can build tipping punches that will fit specific bullet profiles for the greatest Ballistic Coefficient (BC) gains.

With the help of a well respected 1000yd benchrest shooter, we have developed the current Bullet Tipping Die.